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International Handbook on Privatization

International Handbook on Privatization

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Edited by David Parker and David Saal

Privatization has dominated industrial restructuring programs since the 1980s and continues to do so. This authoritative and accessible Handbook considers all aspects of this key issue, including: the theory of privatization; privatization in transition, developed and developing economies; as well the economic regulation of privatized industries.

Chapter 1: Introduction

David Parker and David Saal

Subjects: economics and finance, industrial economics, public sector economics


David Parker and David Saal This handbook presents a comprehensive study of privatization and should be of interest to scholars and practitioners of the subject in the public and private sectors. In developing this book, we have attracted leading writers on privatization from across the globe. The result is a thorough summary of the rationale, methods, processes and outcomes of privatization at both the theoretical and empirical levels and for the full range of economies. The book consists of chapters on general privatization issues complemented by detailed country case studies. While it is impracticable to summarize the progress of privatization as policy in each and every nation, the country studies do provide valuable pointers to the reasons for privatization successes and failures. These studies cover the developed economies of the European Union, North America and Australia, the transition economies of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia, and the developing countries of Chile, Mexico and Brazil in Latin America and the sub-Saharan region of Africa and South Africa. China, the outstanding development success of the last 20 years, is also included. Privatization has caught the imagination of both scholars and policy makers. The study of privatization and related subjects, such as market liberalization and the economics of regulation, are now an integral part of most undergraduate and postgraduate studies in economics and related disciplines. At the policy level governments around the world have introduced privatization programmes since the 1980s, although the results in some countries have been much more...