Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development

Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development

Essays in Honour of Peter Lloyd, Volume I

Edited by Sisira Jayasuriya

Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development, comprises 11 essays offering new contributions on the following topics: trade and wages; factor endowments, factor mobility and political economy of trade; optimality of tariffs; measurement of welfare; customs union theory; endogenous mergers and tariffs; intra-industry trade; state trading enterprises and trade liberalisation; general equilibrium effects of e-Commerce, and trade; economic growth with production and consumption externalities; and environmental pollution and resource degradation.


Sisira Jayasuriya

Subjects: economics and finance, international economics


Sisira Jayasuriya These two volumes, Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development and Trade Policy Reforms and Development, bring together papers prepared in honour of Professor Peter Lloyd (Ritchie Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Melbourne, Australia) on the occasion of his formal retirement after a distinguished career of over four decades in academia. A group of his close friends and collaborators – drawn from four continents – was present to honour him at a Festschrift conference held on 23–24 January 2003 at the University of Melbourne where preliminary versions of most of these chapters were presented. The chapters have been subsequently revised in the light of comments from referees and participants at the workshop. Peter Lloyd, at present one of the most distinguished and internationally renowned Australian economists, started life – in his own words – as a ‘boy from the bush’ in New Zealand, completed his undergraduate and Masters at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, and did his doctoral studies at Duke University, USA. After graduation he returned to the Victoria University of Wellington to start his university career and subsequently held positions in economics departments at the Michigan State University, the Australian National University and finally, in 1983, at the University of Melbourne. In between he spent periods at various universities around the world, including a period as Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore in the early 1980s. The titles of the two volumes and the diversity of topics covered by the...