Recruitment, Retention and Retirement in Higher Education

Recruitment, Retention and Retirement in Higher Education

Building and Managing the Faculty of the Future

Edited by Robert L. Clark and Jennifer Ma

This volume examines some of the most pressing employment and compensation issues confronting academic administrators. Contributors discuss topics such as: ageing of faculty, changing economic conditions and shifts in faculty employment patterns, rapid increases in health care costs and trends in retiree health insurance, and adoption of phased and early retirement programs.


Herbert M. Allison

Subjects: economics and finance, economics of education, public sector economics, education, economics of education


Herbert M. Allison, Jr Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, TIAA-CREF Over the last century, American colleges and universities have been the world leaders in higher education. Our campuses have also generated the theoretical and applied research that has helped fuel our nation’s remarkable long-term economic growth. Today, however, this position of global prominence is being tested, as higher education faces a range of financial and human resources challenges: budget reductions, soaring health-care costs, the aging of faculty, and declining endowments. The chapters in this volume examine these challenges and how they are causing academic administrators to rethink their employment and compensation policies. For over 85 years, TIAA-CREF has partnered with colleges and universities to promote the well-being of faculty and help ensure the academy’s vitality. Throughout its history, TIAA-CREF has produced research and analyses to help higher education address its challenges effectively. In 1998, we deepened our commitment to our core market by establishing the TIAACREF Institute. It serves as a bridge between our business and the business of higher education, striving to enhance our knowledge of the issues confronting institutions, administrators and the individuals they employ. The April 2004 conference on which this volume is based is one example of the Institute’s work. TIAA-CREF is proud to have sponsored Recruitment, Retention and Retirement in Higher Education. The Institute’s Three R’s conference reflects our dedication to doing all we can to assist colleges and universities maintain their position as world leaders. The conference brought together prominent...