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Handbook of Stress in the Occupations

Handbook of Stress in the Occupations

New Horizons in Management series

Edited by Janice Langan-Fox and Cary Cooper

The Handbook of Stress in the Occupations sets a new agenda for stress research and gives fresh impetus to scholars who wish to focus on issues and problems associated with specific jobs, some of which have received little attention in the past.


Janice Langan-Fox

Subjects: business and management, human resource management, organisational behaviour


A survey of research books on stress over the past 25 years shows that no book has been published during this time that has reviewed occupational stress in specific occupations. This focus seems to be the preserve of journal articles, of which there are hundreds. There are books that, by their title, appear to cater for ‘occupational stress’, but on inspection, do not review stress in particular occupations. Thus there is a substantial gap in the book publication field in the area of occupational stress. Recently there has been a real shift in the stress-research literature, with greater attention being given to the ‘big issues’ affecting workplace stress and well-being, such as work–family tensions and conflicts, the impact of new technology and so on. Thus, for a long time now, stress-research books have shifted their focus of attention to concentrate on stress and well-being in general – perhaps in particular industries such as manufacturing – but not within specific occupations. This book aims to bring the research spotlight back on to jobs and occupations, because it is the jobs people hold in the workplace, and not just the industry they work in, that lead to stress. Handbook of Stress in the Occupations provides reviews and updates on stress research into a broad range of occupations, in transport, education, farming, fishing, oil rig drilling, finance, law enforcement, firefighting, entrepreneurship, music, social services, prisons, sport and health (surgery, internship, dentistry, nursing, paramedics, psychiatry, social work). The book serves as the first comprehensive collection...