Regionalism, Economic Integration and Security in Asia

Regionalism, Economic Integration and Security in Asia

A Political Economy Approach

Edited by Jehoon Park, T. J. Pempel and Heungchong Kim

The prospects and value of economic integration and regionalism in Asia are increasingly evident in what could turn out to be ‘the Asian Century’. It is within this context that this important book explores the critical economic issues, security concerns and political themes pertinent to Asia in general, and to East Asia in particular.

Chapter 4: A Comparative Analysis on Regional Integration Communities and Implications for East Asia: A Regional Integration Index Approach

Won-Ho Kim, Heungchong Kim and Jehoon Park

Subjects: asian studies, asian economics, asian urban and regional studies, economics and finance, asian economics, political economy, politics and public policy, international relations, political economy, urban and regional studies, regional studies


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