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Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Edited by Inge Govaere, Reinhard Quick and Marco Bronckers

This well-documented book comprises a stellar cast of European and American authors delivering an overview of cutting edge issues in the areas of trade and competition law, arising in the EU and beyond.


Inge Govaere, Marco Bronckers and Reinhard Quick

Subjects: law - academic, competition and antitrust law, european law, international economic law, trade law


In the triple foreword by Paul Demaret, Koen Lenaerts and Carl Baudenbacher it is eloquently set out why Jacques Bourgeois fully merits a Festschrift from his friends and colleagues on the happy occasion of his 75th birthday. It is a tribute to a remarkable legal scholar, practitioner and personality. That Jacques, of all people, merited a Festschrift was therefore an easy decision for us. Things became already a bit more complicated when trying to choose a subject for the book. Jacques Bourgeois is known to be a Renaissance man, and no single subject would do him justice. We therefore decided to settle on two themes that are not unrelated, although very few lawyers have been able to combine them as has Jacques: trade and competition law. Where matters became really difficult was in choosing contributors to the book. Jacques’ network of professional acquaintances is legendary – he seems to know at least half the globe. With a heavy heart we assume the responsibility of having unwittingly omitted some of his friends who might have very much wanted to write a testimonial of their appreciation for Jacques as well. But the response we received of the people we did contact was overwhelming. As the reader will see, the result is an embarrassment of riches: a stellar cast of authors, delivering an overview of cutting edge issues arising in the areas of trade and competition law. The quality of the contributions has been matched by the always enthusiastic and highly professional editorial...