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Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Edited by Inge Govaere, Reinhard Quick and Marco Bronckers

This well-documented book comprises a stellar cast of European and American authors delivering an overview of cutting edge issues in the areas of trade and competition law, arising in the EU and beyond.

Foreword: Koen Lenaerts

Koen Lenaerts

Subjects: law - academic, competition and antitrust law, european law, international economic law, trade law


JOBNAME: Govaere PAGE: 1 SESS: 26 OUTPUT: Mon Jun 20 16:16:05 2011 Foreword Koen Lenaerts* It is a great privilege to write a foreword to this Festschrift, which is being offered to Jacques Bourgeois on the occasion of his 75th birthday. When, last year, I was asked to contribute to the Festschrift, my first reaction was: ‘Is he 65 already?’ So it is even harder for me to believe that Jacques turns 75 this August. He doesn’t seem to have aged in the slightest since we first met many years ago. The passing of time has certainly not affected his work, his energy or his enthusiasm for the law. Jacques’ career has been a rich one. To borrow the words of the EU motto, it is characterized by ‘unity in diversity’. The practice of European and international law, and in particular of competition law and of trade law, is the unifying factor, while the different perspectives from which Jacques has practised the law provide the elements of diversity. As a 30-year-old man, Jacques joined the European Commission, the institution that is the guardian of the European Treaties. As one would expect of the outstanding person we are honouring in this book, he rose rapidly through the ranks and served for several years as head of the Trade Policy Instruments Division in the Directorate General for External Relations. From 1987 to 1991, he was principal legal adviser to the Commission, first in respect of foreign trade policy and...