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Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond

Edited by Inge Govaere, Reinhard Quick and Marco Bronckers

This well-documented book comprises a stellar cast of European and American authors delivering an overview of cutting edge issues in the areas of trade and competition law, arising in the EU and beyond.

Foreword: Carl Baudenbacher

Carl Baudenbacher

Subjects: law - academic, competition and antitrust law, european law, international economic law, trade law


JOBNAME: Govaere PAGE: 1 SESS: 27 OUTPUT: Mon Jun 20 16:16:05 2011 Foreword Carl Baudenbacher* I am deeply honoured that the editors of this unusually rich book have invited me to write a foreword. Much has been said about Jacques Bourgeois’ highly successful career as a Commission official, a GATT and WTO panellist, a professor at universities in several European countries and in the United States, and an attorney at law advising and representing clients in what turned out to be landmark cases. In fact, this whole Festschrift bears witness of that. I would like to add some rather personal remarks. I met Jacques for the first time at a relatively late stage of our lives in his Club de Warande in Brussels. He had invited me to lunch and within an hour I had convinced him to teach in the University of St Gallen’s Executive Master of Business Law programme. For a number of years he acted as a chairman of the programme’s one-week WTO law module, which at the time was held in Geneva. I was impressed with his legal knowledge and his flair for economics, but also, and in particular, with his independent mind. He obviously did not care about whether his views were shared by the powerful or not, but went for what he thought was right. As examples, I may mention his position on anti-dumping or on international exhaustion of intellectual property rights. But I was equally struck by Jacques’ humbleness, by...