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Constructing European Intellectual Property

Constructing European Intellectual Property

Achievements and New Perspectives

European Intellectual Property Institutes Network series

Edited by Christophe Geiger

This detailed study presents various perspectives on what further actions are necessary to provide the circumstances and tools for the construction of a truly balanced European intellectual property system. The book takes as its starting point that the ultimate aim of such a system should be to ensure sustainable and innovation-based economic growth while enhancing free circulation of ideas and cultural expressions. Being the first in the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) series, this book lays down some concrete foundations for a deeper understanding of European intellectual property law and its complex interplay with other fields of jurisprudence as well as its impact on a broad array of spheres of social interaction. In so doing, it provides a well needed platform for further research.


Christophe Geiger

Subjects: law - academic, european law, intellectual property law


Europe today stands at a crossroads. In fact, the European model based on a high level of social protection and a welfare state is currently under pressure. Shaken by the economic crisis and already seriously in debt, the European states, devoid of natural resources, have no option for recovery other than by making full use of their trumps. In order to do this, they can, in particular, rely on the existence of relatively high-performing educational systems that allow the emergence of new ideas, sources of economic development. With labour being considerably cheaper elsewhere, the Old World is faced with a relatively simple equation: ‘innovate or disappear’, and has thus no choice but to rely on its brain power.