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Handbook on Ethics and Marketing

Handbook on Ethics and Marketing

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Alexander Nill

Exploring both the theoretical and the applied aspects of the role ethics plays in marketing, this Handbook analyzes key issues in order to advance our understanding and provide an overview of the state of the art in this vital field.

Chapter 1: Marketing ethics and CSR in marketing: research challenges for the next decade

Gene R. Laczniak and Patrick E. Murphy

Subjects: business and management, marketing


The purpose of this chapter is to share a ‘big picture’ commentary about the status and direction of marketing ethics (ME) and corporate social responsibility in marketing (CSR-M) – two streams of literature that increasingly and synergistically interconnect. There are some dangers in trying to provide a snapshot of any research area in a relatively short space; one must be both selective in the scope of topics discussed as well as attenuated in the depth of treatment provided. But in our constrained attempt to strike multiple themes, we will try to be both historically grounded and forward thinking about what academic marketing researchers can build upon and about what scholars need to be concerned with as they advance investigations into the inevitably merging areas ME and CSR-M research. To pursue the above theme – marketing ethics and CSR in academic marketing research – we articulate some important ‘strengths’ and some critical ‘challenges,’ each informed by the academic literature. In particular we especially draw on our publications. In addition we rely on the inspiration of other scholarly overviews and analyses separately addressing either ME or CSR-M. However this chapter itself is not a traditional literature review. The comments below reflect mostly our personal assessment regarding various ME and CSR-M issues based upon many years’ experience.