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Handbook of Research on the Learning Organization

Handbook of Research on the Learning Organization

Adaptation and Context

Elgar original reference

Edited by Anders Örtenblad

This timely Handbook establishes the ‘contextualization’ of the learning organization idea as a research field. In contrast to much of the previous literature, which has approached the learning organization as a panacea that every organization could and should adopt, this major new Handbook puts the learning organization into context. It examines the relevance of the learning organization idea to organizations in various specific contexts, employing examples from a wide variety of cultures including China and Islamic nations, and from industries as diverse as the police force, care services for the elderly and family firms.

Chapter 1: Introduction: putting the learning organization into context: an emerging research field

Anders Örtenblad

Subjects: business and management, knowledge management, organisation studies, innovation and technology, knowledge management


You have just started reading a book about the learning organization idea and its applicability in and relevance to organizations in different contexts. I assume that you, to begin with, want to know how this book in itself is relevant and how it is different from other books on the learning organization; that is, what you can learn from this book. This introductory chapter addresses these issues. The overall aim of this book is to pay attention to and acknowledge the study of the relevance of the learning organization idea to organizations in different contexts as an emerging research field, in terms of looking at previous studies (past), showing some relevant new works (present), and drawing up lines for further research (future). A more utilitarian aim is to offer knowledge (as well as support for further knowledge-seeking)on what organizations in various particular contexts need to do to become learning organizations or, if this is not recommendable, how the learning organization idea needs to be adapted to become relevant to organizations within a particular context.