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Recent Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation

Recent Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation

Edited by Joseph E. Harrington Jr and Yannis Katsoulacos

Bringing scholars and policymakers to the frontiers of research and addressing the critical issues of the day, the book presents original important new theoretical and empirical results. The distinguished contributors include: P. Agrel, K. Alexander, J. Crémer, X. Dassiou, G. Deltas, F. Etro, L. Filistrucchi, P. Fotis, M. Gilli, J. Harrington Jr, T. Huertas, M. Ivaldi, B. Jullien, V. Marques, M. Peitz, Y. Spiegel, E. Tarrantino and G. Wood.


Joseph E. Harrington and Yannis Katsoulacos

Subjects: economics and finance, competition policy


Joseph E. Harrington Jr and Yannis Katsoulacos The Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE) is an informal network of academics and professionals with an interest in competition policy and sectoral regulation. It was initiated by Yannis Katsoulacos (Athens University of Economics and Business) in 2005. The annual conference organized by CRESSE has since grown to become an important event in the competition and regulation conferences calendar with the support of Joe Harrington (Johns Hopkins University), Massimo Motta (Barcelona Graduate School), Patrick Rey (University of Toulouse), Pierre Régibeau (University of Essex), and David Ulph (University of St Andrews). The objective is to provide a forum in which the latest research in the areas of competition and regulation is presented and discussed. Presentations in the three-day annual conference include 3–5 invited papers and a limited number of papers selected from those submitted following a call in the major IO journals and the conference website ( The annual CRESSE Conference is organized in early July in Greece, the institution responsible for the organization being the Athens University of Economics and Business. CRESSE also organizes an annual Summer School in which visiting faculty from a large number of European and US universities provide high quality training to practitioners of competition policy and sectoral regulation that wish to be acquainted with the most recent economic and legal developments. It is also active in disseminating research in the areas of competition policy and regulation and in contributing to the field...