The Asian Century, Sustainable Growth and Climate Change

The Asian Century, Sustainable Growth and Climate Change

Responsible Futures Matter

Edited by Moazzem Hossain, Tapan Sarker and Malcolm McIntosh

This path-breaking book investigates the challenges of realizing the Asian century. Prosperity in Asia does not only mean economic growth; the issues of public health, sanitation, income equality, the social safety net and efficient use of natural resources are also important. It argues for new policy initiatives in social, environmental and natural resource areas of South, Southeast and East Asia.


Moazzem Hossain

Subjects: asian studies, asian economics, economics and finance, asian economics, environmental economics, environment, climate change, environmental economics


The massive development in information and communications technology, together with economic reforms in the developing nations over the last two decades, have made responsible futures research more urgent and certainly more challenging. The new opportunities for responsible futures research in Asia are wide for scholars (Lele and Goswami 2011; Hean 2012; Desker 2012). It is clear that almost all developing nations of Asia have been achieving high to moderate growth over the last two decades, thanks to economic globalization and the information revolution, which have created more opportunities for trade in this region. Now is the right time to identify new areas of research with a view to address Asia’s development challenges of the twenty-first century, which is also widely known as the Asian century. Before illustrating the major purpose of the present volume, let us provide a brief background on the Asian century. The nineteenth century is regarded as the ‘British’ century, the twentieth was American, and now the twenty-first is called the Asian century. The debate on this subject goes back to 1985 when the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations discussed it at length. More recently, in 2011 the Australian government established a committee on the subject of the Asian century, which examined the opportunities of the Australian economy in the future, with the Asian economies being predicted to reach the present day living standard of Europe by 2050 (White Paper 2012).