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Polar Oceans Governance in an Era of Environmental Change

Polar Oceans Governance in an Era of Environmental Change

New Horizons in Environmental and Energy Law series

Edited by Tim Stephens and David L. VanderZwaag

This timely book provides a cutting-edge assessment of how the dynamic ocean regions at the highest latitudes on Earth are being managed in an era of unprecedented environmental change. The Arctic and Southern Oceans are experiencing transformative environmental change as a result of climate change and ocean acidification. As areas of unparalleled environmental, cultural and scientific value, they are crucibles for testing how integrated, eco-systemic governance frameworks can be developed to meet and address volatile environmental, political and economic challenges.

Foreword: polar oceans governance - an Antarctic perspective

Tony Press

Subjects: environment, climate change, environmental governance and regulation, environmental law, law - academic, environmental law, public international law, politics and public policy, international relations


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