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Gender in Organizations

Gender in Organizations

Are Men Allies or Adversaries to Women’s Career Advancement?

Edited by Ronald J. Burke and Debra A. Major

Diversifying the workforce is becoming increasingly important, with gender equality being a central feature of overall equality. Men seem to be part of the problem and a necessary part of the solution. This collection ties these themes together in the context of talent management and organizational effectiveness.

Introduction - an overview of the book

Ronald J. Burke and Debra A. Major

Subjects: business and management, diversity and management, gender and management, organisational behaviour


Part I of this book sets the stage for this collection. In Chapter 1, Ronald Burke and Debra Major begin by positioning the chapters that follow. Talented women continue to have difficulty advancing their careers worldwide. Organizations are gendered; they were created by men for men. Women feel uncomfortable in them, are disadvantaged, and face barriers to advancement. They argue that examining men, masculinity, and gendered organizations adds to our understanding of why women have made so little progress over the past two decades, how men can be allies in changing organizations, and that there are benefits to men, women, families, and organizations if more men get on board. Male privilege has yielded both benefits and costs. Men with daughters and men seeing the value of using the best talent available to achieve business results, are more likely to ëget ití. Other factors such as having had a working mother, more working partners, women now earning more than their partners, more women in professional schools, more women in the workplace, and more men interested in fatherhood also play a role. Potential benefits to men, women, families, and workplaces are likely to occur when men become allies instead of observers or adversaries. The second part of the book considers the downside of masculinity. Ronald Levant and Thomas Rankin review in Chapter 2 the literature on the gender role socialization of boys into men.