Research Handbook of Entrepreneurial Exit

Research Handbook of Entrepreneurial Exit

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Dawn R. DeTienne and Karl Wennberg

With contributions from authors around the globe, Research Handbook of Entrepreneurial Exit explores this most important phenomenon in the entrepreneurial journey. This book presents a comprehensive review of the current issues in entrepreneurial exits, and provides theoretical and methodological insights for future research. It explores the historical perspective and discusses topics such as gender and exit, retirement, psychological barriers, emotional aspects, venture capital funding firm relocation and exit from social ventures.


Dawn R. DeTienne and Karl Wennberg

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, strategic management


‘Why is there so much research on new venture creation and growth and so little on the “exit” stage of entrepreneurship?’ This was a question both of us struggled with when we met for the first time at the 2005 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. With many of our friends and contacts active entrepreneurs, and both of us having had the experience of starting, growing and eventually selling a family firm prior to our PhD research, it struck us that entrepreneurship researchers seemed to have, by and large, missed out on one of the most important phenomena in the entrepreneurial journey. Dawn had recently finalized a theory paper and was working with colleague Melissa Cardon on a survey of exit intentions among US entrepreneurs, and Karl had directed his dissertation proposal toward the exit of Swedish entrepreneurs in knowledge-intensive businesses; thus we realized that we had so much in common that we had to write something together on the nascent topic of exit.