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Conceptual Richness and Methodological Diversity in Entrepreneurship Research

Conceptual Richness and Methodological Diversity in Entrepreneurship Research

European Research in Entrepreneurship series

Edited by Alain Fayolle, Paula Kyrö, Tonis Mets and Urve Venesaar

This important book identifies the current developments within entrepreneurship that are characterized by conceptual richness and methodological diversity. It presents the latest developments of topics such as the entrepreneurial mindset, culture and values as well as advances in entrepreneurship education and development. The contributors open the field for methodological renewal by introducing the current state of and opportunities for explorative research in entrepreneurship.

Chapter 1: Introduction: entrepreneurial research – towards conceptual richness and methodological diversity

Alain Fayolle, Paula Kyrö, Tõnis Mets and Urve Venesaar

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, research methods in business and management


The current volume continues the collaboration tradition of university researchers in the European University Network on Entrepreneurship – ESU. This fifth book in the series “European Research in Entrepreneurship” demonstrates the endeavours of the editorial leaders, the authors’ team and the ESU network to improve and widen the conceptual and methodological coverage of entrepreneurship research in Europe. The ESU network grew from the idea to gather together professors and doctoral students in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education around the Entrepreneurship Summer University concept initiated by the French Government in 2002. It is from that initiative that the idea originated to develop and collect together all the outcomes of entrepreneurship research into this book series. ESU was previously defined by Professor Kyrö (2010), as “fed by European culture and roots in their diversity and their specificities”, an accolade which equally characterizes this book series.