The Landscape of Family Business

The Landscape of Family Business

Edited by Ritch L. Sorenson, Andy Yu, Keith H. Brigham and G. T. Lumpkin

The Landscape of Family Business expands upon groundbreaking research to offer owners, consultants, and academics a new holistic way to view family business.

Introduction: The landscape of family business

Ritch L. Sorenson, Andy Yu, Keith H. Brigham and G.T. Lumpkin

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, family business


What are the important outcomes in family business? What are the relationships among those outcomes? And, what does an overall pattern of outcome relationships reveal about family business? The editors of this book, Ritch Sorenson, Andy Yu, Keith Brigham, and Tom Lumpkin, engaged in a literature review and additional research to answer these questions. The primary results of the study (Yu, Lumpkin, Sorenson, & Brigham, 2012) were an article that summarized 12 years of research on important family business outcomes and a figure that portrays these outcomes as a visual map. In this book, we refer to the research as “The Landscape of Family Business Outcomes” and to the figure as, “A Map of the Landscape of Family Business” or “Landscape Map.” Our purpose for publishing this book, The Landscape of Family Business, is to increase awareness about family business, encourage researchers to further explore family business outcomes, and invite owning families to use the Landscape Map as a tool to examine and improve their family businesses. As a visual representation of the current family business research, the Landscape Map will, undoubtedly, need to be updated as researchers uncover more about the family business landscape. Although the research (Yu et al., 2012) revealed much about the landscape of family business, research about family business is rapidly expanding.