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ICT for Transport

ICT for Transport

Opportunities and Threats

NECTAR Series on Transportation and Communications Networks Research

Edited by Nikolas Thomopoulos, Mosche Givoni and Piet Rietveld

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are rapidly evolving and taking centre stage in everyday life in the 21st century alongside the increasing importance and value of information. This is particularly evident in the transport sector where ICT is greatly influencing our mobility and travel choices as well as travel experiences. With this background, this book provides evidence regarding the opportunities, threats, underlying principles and practical issues faced when deploying ICT for transport applications. By focusing on infrastructure, people and processes, the contributors to this book illustrate the challenges for academics, practitioners and policy makers alike through diverse case studies from across the world.

Chapter 1: Introduction: transport and ICT

Nikolas Thomopoulos, Moshe Givoni and Piet Rietveld

Subjects: economics and finance, regional economics, transport, innovation and technology, technology and ict, urban and regional studies, transport


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