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Handbook of Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy

Handbook of Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy

Improving SME Performance Globally

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Pervez N. Ghauri and V. H. Manek Kirpalani

This impressive Handbook provides a dynamic perspective on the international entrepreneurial strategies of SMEs, including the role and experience of their founders, as well as the collaboration of these SMEs in networks with larger firms. The expert contributors from all over the world and the editors explore the origin and evolution of internationalizing SMEs, the changing history and the future outlook of this sector. They study the effects of different cultures on the origin and growth of entrepreneurship and SMEs. The Handbook also outlines the various types of Born Globals that emerge from different parts of the world.

Chapter 1: Overview

V.H. Manek Kirpalani and Pervez N. Ghauri

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, international business, strategic management, economics and finance, international business


This overview chapter begins by defining how we have used some terms in order to make the discussion that follows clear to all readers of the Handbook of Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy: Improving SME Performance Globally. We start with internationalization and globalization, after which we follow with strategy, SMEs, born globals, performance and entrepreneurial. Then the various theories and strategies regarding internationalization are outlined in order to lay down the parameters of what strategies are available to the usual SME. Overall, this Handbook more specifically researches which factors influence the pace at which SMEs enter foreign markets, and, once having entered them, which factors cause those SMEs to increase their commitment to that foreign market.