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The Law and Policy of Environmental Federalism

The Law and Policy of Environmental Federalism

A Comparative Analysis

Edited by Kalyani Robbins

This book provides a comparative analysis of the various approaches to environmental federalism and a consideration of what each system might learn from the others. Each chapter focuses on a different regime, and together they offer a broad overview of the field as well as original theory and policy analysis that is sure to meaningfully contribute to our understanding of environmental federalism as well as our policy-making future.


Kalyani Robbins

Subjects: environment, environmental governance and regulation, environmental law, environmental politics and policy, law - academic, environmental law


The introduction begins by laying a foundation for the book, introducing the concept of federalism broadly, as well as environmental federalism specifically, in the interest of making the book more accessible to students and non-academic readers. This is followed by a brief overview of each chapter and explanation of how the editor has endeavored to organize them for this book.