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Handbook of Research on Management Ideas and Panaceas

Handbook of Research on Management Ideas and Panaceas

Adaptation and Context

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Anders Örtenblad

Over time management ideas and panaceas have been presented alternately as quick fix cures for all corporate ills and the emperor’s new clothes, beset by flaws and problems. This Handbook provides a different approach, suggesting that management ideas and panaceas should not be either adopted or rejected outright, but gives guidance in the art of assessing and applying management ideas and panaceas to various situations and contexts.

Chapter 1: Establishing the art of contextualizing management ideas and panaceas as a research field

Anders Örtenblad

Subjects: business and management, organisational behaviour, organisation studies, strategic management


This chapter presents the research area and research questions, and introduces the remaining chapters of the book. It is argued that the majority of the previous literature on certain management ideas and panaceas tends to either recommend that these are adopted outright or that they are rejected outright. This book instead recommends that the relevance of any certain management idea or panacea for any certain organization or organizations in a certain generalized context is tested and – in case the idea/panacea is found not to be fully relevant – adapted to fit the certain context. The aim of the book is to accomplish wiser relevance-testing and adaptation of management ideas and panaceas through advising how various groups of actors, in particular researchers, organizational actors and higher educational institutions, can take part in such processes. Some concepts that are central in the book are also tentatively defined.