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Innovation Spaces in Asia

Innovation Spaces in Asia

Entrepreneurs, Multinational Enterprises and Policy

Edited by Maureen McKelvey and Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen

Innovation Spaces in Asia provides insight into how and why Asia is poised to impact global innovation. Asia is undergoing rapid developments in markets, sources of technology and user preferences. A key characteristic of the book is the rich empirical understanding of the dynamic processes, involving the strategic decisions of firms and entrepreneurs with the broader socio-economic environment in terms of institutions, markets, knowledge and innovation systems. Innovation spaces are analyzed within Asian countries and firms, from Asia to the world, and from the world to Asian countries.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Maureen McKelvey and Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen

Subjects: asian studies, asian business, asian innovation and technology, business and management, asia business, entrepreneurship, international business, organisational innovation, economics and finance, evolutionary economics, geography, economic geography, innovation and technology, asian innovation, organisational innovation


This book aims to provide an empirical understanding and initial conceptualization of innovation spaces in Asia, including the role of multinational enterprises, entrepreneurship and public policy. Subsequent chapters provide rich empirical illustrations about on-going processes of innovation, where the Asian context can be seen in the specific cases as having an impact upon firms and sectors with implications for economic change and socio-political transformation. This book is about Asia as the site of business, where customers, institutions and firms, both domestic and foreign, are interacting to affect global processes of innovation and production. A few assumptions – that this book challenges – should be addressed immediately. Innovation is not necessarily high tech, such as information technology (IT) or biotechnology. The innovation process is not necessarily based on codification of knowledge with its sources in basic research.