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Research Handbook on Trade in Services

Research Handbook on Trade in Services

Research Handbooks on the WTO series

Edited by Pierre Sauvé and Martin Roy

This Research Handbook explores the latest frontiers in services trade by drawing on insights from empirical economics, law and global political economy. The world’s foremost experts take stock of the learning done to date in services trade, explore policy questions bedevilling analysts and direct attention to a host of issues, old and new, confronting those interested in the service economy and its rising salience in cross-border exchange. The Handbook’s 22 chapters shed informed analytical light on a subject matter whose substantive remit continues to be shaped by rapid evolutions in technology, data gathering, market structures, consumer preferences, approaches to regulation and by ongoing shifts in the frontier between the market and the state.

Introduction and overview

Pierre Sauvé and Martin Roy

Subjects: law - academic, international economic law, trade law


While services have been supplied internationally for as long as crossborder commerce has existed, dating back several millennia, the study of services trade is of considerably younger vintage, whether as an object of economic enquiry and still more as a subject of economic diplomacy.