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The Smart Revolution Towards the Sustainable Digital Society

The Smart Revolution Towards the Sustainable Digital Society

Beyond the Era of Convergence

Advances in Information, Communication and Entertainment Markets series

Edited by Hitoshi Mitomo, Hidenori Fuke and Erik Bohlin

The objective of this book is to present a comprehensive evaluation of the smart revolution, including its social and economic impacts. It proposes a modern framework to help assess how recent Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can contribute to societies as a whole. The authors offer a guide to how advanced network technologies have led to a greater variety of applications and social networking services. These allow people to connect with each other both at a more personal and global level, and will ultimately herald a new era of ICTs that will shape the “digital society".


Erik Bohlin, Hidenori Fuke and Hitoshi Mitomo

Subjects: economics and finance, industrial economics, innovation and technology, technology and ict


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