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Developing, Shaping and Growing Entrepreneurship

Developing, Shaping and Growing Entrepreneurship

European Research in Entrepreneurship series

Edited by Alain Fayolle, Paula Kyrö and Francisco Liñán

Developing, Shaping and Growing Entrepreneurship considers the role played by education, research, context and strategy in helping to grow entrepreneurial projects from the initial seed of an idea through to the fruition of success. This book is a wide-ranging examination of the influences on entrepreneurial activity that also asks new questions of entrepreneurship and opens new avenues of research. As such, it will become essential reading for academic researchers and entrepreneurial practitioners alike.

Chapter 1: Applying doctoral studies and research on entrepreneurship to teachers’ work at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences

Tarja Römer-Paakkanen

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship


This article presents a doctoral study programme that trains teachers to ‘introduce’ entrepreneurship into all teaching and training at their university. The doctoral study project connects theoretical studies and academic research with the participating teachers’ practical work. We can talk about the triangulation of doctoral studies (understanding of entrepreneurship theories), research (entrepreneurship research and doctoral dissertations) and practice (implementing theories in teaching and training of entrepreneurship). Action research methodology and constructivism as a learning and teaching paradigm are implemented in this project. At this stage of an ongoing project, doctoral studies have started the process towards more integrative, wider and more holistic entrepreneurship education programmes and curricula.