Renmin Chinese Law Review

Renmin Chinese Law Review

Selected Papers of The Jurist (法学家), Volume 3

Renmin Chinese Law Review: Selected Papers of The Jurist

Edited by Jichun Shi

Renmin Chinese Law Review, Volume 3 is the third work in a series of annual volumes on contemporary Chinese law, which bring together the work of recognized scholars from China, offering a window on current legal research in China. This book reflects the study of Chinese law and the reality of Chinese legality and society. Chapters address the developments of the Committee of Politics and Law of CPC, the new challenges China faces in anti-terrorism, the emerging P2P lending in China and the legislation of virtual property inheritance.

Chapter 1: The shaping of the thought of the party governing politics and law in organizational history (1949–1958)

Liu Zhong

Subjects: asian studies, asian law, law - academic, asian law


Distinguished from the functional unity of legal actions before modern times, the contemporary structure of legal action tends to be separated. In order to prevent a decrease in efficiency due to conflicts as well as to regulate checks and balances among different functional organs, the idea of ‘dang guan zheng fa’ (Party governs politics and law) was illustrated by specific organizations during the first ten years after the founding of PRC. Such a trajectory included the Sub-committee of Administration Council Committee of Politics and Law, the Central Legal Committee, and the Central Group of Politics and Law, which were all established in accordance with the experience of ‘dangwei yiyuanhua lingdao’ (centralized leadership by party committee) and ‘zong qianwei’ (headquarters of front line in chief) during war time.