Emerging Asian Economies and MNCs Strategies

Emerging Asian Economies and MNCs Strategies

New Horizons in International Business series

Edited by Robert Taylor and Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan

Analysing the role of multinational investors in emerging Asian economies and the implications for regional economic integration, this astute study examines the increasing role being played by Asian countries in the global economy. Encompassing a large number of diverse manufacturing and service sectors, this book highlights the cultural and strategic challenges faced by multinational investors in the region in which they invest. It shows that despite high rates of economic growth in Asian countries presenting multinational traders and investors with unparalleled market opportunities, there have been only tentative moves towards regional economic integration. Areas such as trade facilitation, uniform customs clearance, removal of non-tariff barriers and labour deployment issues are yet to be adequately addressed.

Chapter 1: Introduction and overview

Robert Taylor

Subjects: asian studies, asian business, business and management, asia business, international business


Asian Countries, especially China, have in recent years enjoyed high rates of economic growth, offering unparalleled opportunities for investors and traders from both inside and outside the region. While there are moves towards Asian economic integration, barriers must be overcome: witness maritime disputes in the South China Sea, differing levels of development, and deficient domestic institutional structures, which inhibit advanced economic cooperation. Additionally, a number of regional integrative bodies with overlapping jurisdictions and responsibilities impede effective decision making. The region also suffers from inadequate physical infrastructure, although the Chinese leaders have been proactive in promoting the intra- and inter-regional One Belt One Road (BRI) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) initiatives. This is the general context within which the following chapters relating to multinational corporations (MNCs) may be understood. Key words: economic integration, foreign direct investment (FDI), connectivity, One Belt One Road (BRI), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).