Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Culture

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Culture

The Interaction between Technology, Progress and Economic Growth

Edited by Terrence E. Brown and Jan Ulijn

Any technological advance, innovation or economic growth created by an organization is dependent on how that organization’s culture and environment fosters or inhibits these developments. This process is further complicated by the global nature of economic activity and differences in national cultures due to country-specific histories, experiences, traditions and rules. The distinguished authors in this important new book aim to study the nature of organizational innovation and change by examining the complex interplay between entrepreneurship, innovation and culture.

Chapter 1: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Culture, A Matter of Interaction between Technology, Progress and Economic Growth? An Introduction

Jan Ulijn and Terrence E. Brown

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, organisational innovation, innovation and technology, organisational innovation


Jan Ulijn and Terrence E. Brown Not all technological innovations lead to start-ups, whereas an estimated 75 per cent of the new employment is created there. This is a global phenomenon. Why are there no more entrepreneurial successes? Are innovators just too technology driven, so that they forget about the market for their ideas? Failing to prepare for the market, is preparing to fail your business. Or are innovators predominantly hidden in research and development (R&D) laboratories of large multinational corporations (MNCs), so that the market perspective is too far away? With all of the activities surrounding technological spin-offs geared to foster entrepreneurial spirit, why is it that so many technology companies fail to sustain this spirit? Could it be that a special or certain mindset is needed at the individual level for entrepreneurs and/or a certain organizational culture for entrepreneurial firms? If so, what elements make up that culture? Are you assisted by your national culture (NC) background, your previous corporate culture (CC) experience or your professional culture (PC) (c.f., once an engineer, always an engineer) or a combination of all these? Furthermore, are these issues related to high levels of innovation, the development of technology, (social) progress and economic growth, and, if so, how are they related? This book discusses these questions and more, and attempts to answer some of them: Une mer à boire indeed, but basically rests with the question, what culture is necessary to create new enterprises out of promising technological ideas and to...