Reflections of Eminent Economists

Reflections of Eminent Economists

Edited by Michael Szenberg and Lall Ramrattan

In this collection of autobiographical essays, 26 prominent scholars detail their professional development, while offering insight into their lives and philosophies. With candor and humor they relate how they came to the field of economics, as well as how their views have evolved over the years.


Aron Gottesman, Lall Ramrattan and Michael Szenberg

Subjects: economics and finance, economic psychology, history of economic thought


Aron Gottesman, Lall Ramrattan and Michael Szenberg While the topic of this book is ostensibly the reflections of leading economists, a thorough reading will convince you that this book is fundamentally a fascinating record of prodigious achievement and lives well lived, even in the face of devastating odds. The essays in this book reveal the degree to which events and experiences during the lives of our authors – all luminaries in economics – molded their career paths, worldviews, and philosophies.1 To employ a metaphor, this book is a veritable journey into some of the finest minds of the twentieth century, all of which are in the possession of individuals that we classify as ‘economists.’ During the course of reading this book, you will soar across the globe, across time (or at least the past 100 years or so), and across the very foundations of modern economic theory, ideas, applications and thoughts. The insights provided in these essays are priceless, not only in the domain of economics but also from many other angles. You will explore economic ideas, lessons learnt after years of experience, political and religious convictions, lineage, influences, geography, thoughts on war and peace, and career paths. All of these topics are explored in the context of the history of the world, of the United States, and of economics over the past century. We only have a limited amount of space in this introduction; hence, we can do little more than whet your appetite for the delights that await you. But...