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Handbook of Trust Research

Handbook of Trust Research

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Edited by Reinhard Bachmann and Akbar Zaheer

The Handbook of Trust Research presents a timely and comprehensive account of the most important work undertaken in this lively and emerging field over the past ten to fifteen years. Presenting a broad range of approaches to issues on trust, the Handbook features 22 articles from a variety of disciplines on the study of trust in both organizational and societal contexts. With contributions from some of the most eminent names in the field of trust research, this international collaboration is an imaginative and informative reference tool to aid research in this engaging area for years to come.


Reinhard Bachmann and Akbar Zaheer

Subjects: business and management, organisation studies, economics and finance, economic psychology


Reinhard Bachmann and Akbar Zaheer In recent times, research on trust in organizational and inter-organizational contexts has become a major field in the domain of management. While it remained a relatively narrow niche with only a few scholars interested in it until about the late 1980s, it has grown strongly to become a central issue now both in its own right and also as a theme that bundles and reflects many strands of current debates on the processes, structure, and performance of organizational and inter-organizational relationships. Numerous articles, as well as authored and edited books, on trust have appeared in the last 15 years or so, conferences and conference tracks have been organized, and a number of top journals of the field have published special issues in the area of trust. At the same time, many important but not necessarily convergent streams of trust research have developed among scholars both in Europe and in the USA. The rationale for this Handbook is to consolidate, take stock of and assess the current state of the field of trust research by bringing together contributions from some of the most prominent researchers in the field, from both sides of the Atlantic. In the rest of this introduction, we consider the reasons for the rise of trust as a research field, present some of our own thoughts and observations on the role and nature of trust in business relationships, say a few words about the motivation for the Handbook as well as the...