Empirical Methods in International Trade

Empirical Methods in International Trade

Essays in Honor of Mordechai Kreinin

Edited by Michael G. Plummer

Internationalization of the world economy has made trade a key factor in the growth potential of nearly every nation’s economy. Hence, economists have become increasingly interested in the determinants of international trade and competitiveness. Empirical Methods in International Trade captures the many aspects of this trend in globalization through practical techniques well-founded in economic theory. The authors, comprising some of the most influential applied international economists of their generation, use cutting-edge models to develop empirical approaches to critical aspects of economic interchange. These approaches are developed and explained carefully with the goal of making them accessible to a wide audience.


Peter McPherson

Subjects: economics and finance, international economics, methodology of economics


Peter McPherson When I returned to Michigan State University (MSU) as President in 1993, I was determined to continue and enhance the long-standing tradition of international involvement that had characterized the University largely as the result of initiatives instituted by John Hannah in the 1950s. Of course faculty, led by people like Max Kreinin, had similar aims and indeed had worked effectively to maintain MSU as a place where the international community and American academia came together. It is no wonder, then, that Professor Kreinin and I came to collaborate on a number of projects in recent years. One of these was the book, Building a Partnership: The Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement (MSU Press, 2000), which stemmed from a major conference that we organized on the subject at MSU. Thus it is a particular pleasure to have this opportunity to join his esteemed colleagues and students in recognizing Max Kreinin’s extraordinary career and impact. For more than 45 years, Professor Kreinin has exemplified the ideal of a faculty member at a research-based, land-grant university. He has been a dedicated teacher of students at all levels. Thousands of MSU students – from freshmen studying economics at the introductory level to the most advanced graduate students seeking the intricacies of trade policy – have benefited from his engaging, insightful and challenging classes. And even beyond MSU, Max has extended his teaching impact through his leading textbooks and service around the world as a visiting professor. Professor Kreinin – as is reflected by the...