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Trust and Entrepreneurship

Trust and Entrepreneurship

A West–East Perspective

Edited by Hans-Hermann Höhmann and Friederike Welter

In this innovative book, international scholars investigate trust and its role in relation to the entrepreneurial behaviour of small firms across a variety of institutional and cultural settings. The contributors draw on original empirical material from a number of West European and East European countries, highlighting the role of culture and the significance of a multi-disciplinary approach in researching trust and its importance in entrepreneurship.


Hans-Hermann Höhmann and Friederike Welter

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship


Hans-Hermann Höhmann and Friederike Welter THE STORY BEHIND THIS BOOK In September 2003, an international conference on ‘Trust and entrepreneurial behaviour in East and West European economies’ took place at the University of Bremen, jointly organised by the Research Centre for East European Studies, Bremen, (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen) and the Rhine-Westphalia Institute of Economic Research (RheinischWestfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung), Essen. Over two days, some 40 scholars from around the world discussed trust-related project results and shared ideas on how to conceptualise trust and how to measure it. This conference was the final highlight of a collaborative research project, which had set out from 2001 until 2003 to research trust in entrepreneurial behaviour in Western and Eastern Europe. The research group consisted of Urve Venesaar from Estonia, Gabi Dei Ottati from Italy, Alexander Chepurenko from Russia, David Smallbone and Fergus Lyon from the UK, and working from Germany – besides the two editors of this book – Teemu Kautonen, Bernhard Lageman and Elena Malieva. Our idea was to investigate entrepreneurial behaviour of small firms in differing cultural and institutional settings across Europe, assuming that trust has a decisive impact on entrepreneurship, as it determines ways into, and forms of, entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneurial behaviour. This book presents papers from the conference and from the research project, illustrating a truly international and pan-European collaboration. Whilst the project team assembled 10 researchers from five different European countries, the 23 contributors to this book come from 11 countries...