The Law and Economics of Globalisation

The Law and Economics of Globalisation

New Challenges for a World in Flux

Edited by Linda Yueh

This inter-disciplinary volume focuses on the economic and legal challenges confronting globalisation and the evolution of the global system. The Law and Economics of Globalisation discusses the hotly debated topic of globalisation from a wide set of perspectives of law, economics and international political economy.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Linda Yueh

Subjects: economics and finance, international economics, law and economics, law - academic, international economic law, trade law, law and economics


Linda Yueh Globalisation is a phenomenon that has become pervasive in a world in which national boundaries are continually crossed by movement of people, goods, services, communication, among others. As the global sphere becomes more traversed, the dimensions of the global system become all the more important to understand, particularly in the face of the evolution of international economic law and growing global economic integration. This book aims to analyse the legal and economic issues confronting the global economic system and contribute to a better understanding of the law and economics of globalisation in the twenty-first century. The volume comprises a collection of papers by economists, lawyers, and other experts who critically assess key aspects of globalisation through examining the emerging issues and challenges from the viewpoint of their respective discipline. The chapters highlight the legal and economic challenges confronting the global system, including issues lying at the intersection of fields. Each article with its own and sometimes interdisciplinary lens will add to the overall cross-disciplinary argument by stressing how the challenges in the global system arise from the unique nature of international law as well as stem from the reach of globalisation into areas previously thought to be national concerns, including legal development, economic growth, and institutional structures. How the challenges are addressed will influence the development of the norms, institutions and scale of the global system. International economic laws and rules, though they have always existed, take on a formal institutional form of the World Trade Organization (WTO)...