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Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy

Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy

Elgar original reference

Edited by Giovanni Battista Dagnino

The Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy presents a comprehensive state-of-the-art picture of current strategic management issues and demarcates the major investigation strands that are likely to shape the field into the future.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Why a Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy?

Giovanni Battista Dagnino

Subjects: business and management, strategic management


Giovanni Battista Dagnino In this introductory essay, I first wish to draw the reader’s attention to the four most relevant reasons that have initially inspired the publisher, Edward Elgar, and the present editor to take steps towards assembling and publishing a Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy. Second, I shall explain how and why the competitive strategy approach has rapidly become a subfield of strategy and the different theories that currently exist on the subject. Third, I shall speculate on the emergence, persistence and shortcomings of a so-called ‘competitive strategy mindset’ and finally outline the structure of the handbook. As the reader may expect, any handbook is an opportunity to encapsulate in one comprehensive volume the state of a research field and ruminate on its current development. As it may be read in Wikipedia:1 A handbook is a type of reference work, small manual, or other collection of instructions, that is intended to provide ready reference. A vade mecum (Lat. ‘go with me’) or pocket reference is intended to be carried at all times. Handbooks may deal with any topic, and are generally compendiums of information in a particular field or about a particular technique. They are designed to be easily consulted and provide quick answers in a certain area. For this reason, handbooks are usually published when a research field has grown too large to master easily through the study of journals and books, so they appear when the contributors of the field are ready to celebrate progress....