Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1

Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1

The Challenge of the New Age

Edited by David H. McIntyre and William I. Hancock

A practical and timely study on how businesses need to prepare for natural and man-made disasters. What should businesses consider in preparing for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, pandemic illnesses and other emergencies? What steps can a business take to ensure continuity during and after a crisis? What can we learn from past success?

Foreword: The Challenge of the New Age

Christopher Shays

Subjects: business and management, international business, law - academic, terrorism and security law, politics and public policy, terrorism and security


Christopher Shays For over 70 years, freedom-loving nations were opposed by a bloc of countries whose governments prohibited individual liberty, democracy and free enterprise. The communist world became aggressive after World War II, eventually engulfing all of Eastern Europe, China, and countries like Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam. The United States led the free world in opposing the Marxist–Leninist ideology of socialist despotism, military expansion and oppression. Today, free nations are faced with a new enemy just as determined and potentially as dangerous as the earlier communist menace. Make no mistake: terrorists do not want to change our system; they want to destroy our political and economic system, and our free way of life. The end of the communist monolith may not have been the ‘end of history’ as Francis Fukuyama put it, but it certainly ended a long period of relative peace, albeit terribly expensive in its consumption of human and natural resources. The Cold War’s fortunate demise opened a Pandora’s box of nationalist, cultural and civilizational conflicts. Will the freedom-loving nations unite as we did in earlier decades to overcome this new danger? Will the United States assume its natural role as the moral, political and military leader of this multinational effort? For the sake of all Americans, our friends abroad, and for future generations, I believe we must take on this challenge. Terrorism is not the only challenge in the new millennium. We began this century with frantic efforts to correct the shortsightedness of technical planners...