Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1

Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1

The Challenge of the New Age

Edited by David H. McIntyre and William I. Hancock

A practical and timely study on how businesses need to prepare for natural and man-made disasters. What should businesses consider in preparing for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, pandemic illnesses and other emergencies? What steps can a business take to ensure continuity during and after a crisis? What can we learn from past success?


David H. McIntyre

Subjects: business and management, international business, law - academic, terrorism and security law, politics and public policy, terrorism and security


David H. McIntyre Homeland security represents an unprecedented challenge to American business and the economic sinews of the Western World. Even individual businesses stand to be impacted in ways they do not expect and have never before experienced. The problem is that while past wars and economic disturbances have affected the economic environment through trade, markets, the availability of resources and so forth, the new domestic threat could destroy the very ability of companies and economies to operate at all. Terrorist attacks and massive natural catastrophes can disrupt or destroy production facilities, skilled workers, key leaders, capital worth, insurance support, business partners, essential suppliers, delivery systems, and even the all-important customer base. And the threat of widespread disaster can prompt burdensome government action (or over-reaction) that impacts business as much as an actual attack. These challenges require new understanding of the new interconnected world, new ways of thinking about the business environment, and new concepts that envision security as a benefit provider, and not just a necessary cost. We must think of ways to make security pay, even as we better understand the risk of ignoring the problem, and the foolishness of thinking someone else will solve it for us. But where do we start? The challenges seem overwhelming: ● ● ● ● ● How can an individual business mitigate the impact of a multi-billion dollar storm, or a massive earthquake? How can a business contribute to preventing attacks that may cascade to threaten its existence? How can business leaders protect their most precious assets...