International Business under Adversity

International Business under Adversity

A Role in Corporate Responsibility, Conflict Prevention and Peace

Edited by Gabriele G.S. Suder

What is the role of international business in this dilemma? How and why do international corporations maximize value beyond core strategy and partners through corporate responsibility? This informative and accessible resource expands the readers’ understanding of the ways in which profit maximization, value creation and community benefit interconnect. How to respect the wider business settings and communities, the environment and encourage peace? Is this just another dream? This book clearly provides a starting point for upstream mitigation, in which collective action allows disruption to be avoided at its very roots. It shows the way into responsible business, as a downright condition for an enlightened self-interest for all parties to pursue.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Role and Responsibilities of International Business in our Contemporary World

Gabriele G.S. Suder

Subjects: business and management, corporate governance, international business, economics and finance, corporate governance, politics and public policy, terrorism and security


Gabriele G.S. Suder International Business under Adversity: A Role in Corporate Responsibility, Conflict Prevention and Peace is an edited volume presenting a collection of important original research papers in one field, but from a diversity of perspectives and focuses. It is a logical continuation of two preceding edited works that are each self-standing and yet, together, have a continuum in their objective. It is a thread leading the reader from the analysis of the contemporary state of affairs in international business and its non-traditional challenges, the emergence of global terrorism and the global implications of geopolitical turmoil and societal pressures, to the means and strategies to employ in times of adversity to reduce direct and indirect impacts of conflict and crisis and its hidden business costs. This volume continues by looking at the modes in which these hidden costs can be reduced or removed by preventing adversity. The book Terrorism and the International Business Environment: The Business–Security Nexus (Suder 2004) sets the basis for this research. An analysis of geopolitical, economic and financial structures was completed with insight into post-09/11 developments in selected business sectors. With the intent to develop guidelines for international corporations, the material helped firms adjust to the challenges of the post-09/11 era. The threat, actions and aftermath of global terrorism have far-reaching implications for international business and internationalization strategies, originating from global network structures of both business and terror. The second volume, Corporate Strategies under International Terrorism and Adversity (Suder 2006) explored...