Innovation and the Creative Process

Innovation and the Creative Process

Towards Innovation with Care

New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation series

Edited by Lars Fuglsang

This book explores new frameworks and methods of understanding and analysing innovation. These are set against a backdrop of ‘innovation with care’, which is seen as a phenomenon that takes place among many actors with different perspectives, ideas and cultures that must be carefully woven together in order to achieve the benefits of innovation.


Jon Sundbo

Subjects: business and management, knowledge management, organisational innovation, innovation and technology, knowledge management, organisational innovation


This book presents new thoughts and research on innovation. Innovation with care emphasizes both the care for people and the care for doing innovation in a proper way. Most innovative attempts fail and create economic loss and individual disappointment. Another book in the overwhelming stream of books on innovation? Can it contribute with new knowledge? We believe it can by taking a primarily sociological approach to innovation. Not that the economic aspects are forgotten, but the sociological aspects are emphasized complimentary to the economic ones. This is not very common in innovation literature. The individual – the entrepreneur – has been emphasized, but rarely the social processes with different actors and roles and innovation as an interactive process. In the increasing contemporary theoretical and practical interest for innovation, the social aspects of the innovation process has often been forgotten. Emphasis has primarily been on economic processes and policy. However, innovation is a process that is carried out by people in interaction with people. It may be that the result of the process is part of the market economy, but the process itself is a social process where the economic results are not at all sure. Recently the social processes have come more into focus. Innovation projects, creativity and user-involvement have become objects in the front research. This book is one contribution to this movement. The book is a presentation of more than 15 years of research in the Innovation Research Group at Roskilde University in Denmark. In this group we have...