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The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets

The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets

Threat or Opportunity?

Studies in International Investment series

Edited by Karl P. Sauvant

This insightful book shows that foreign direct investment (FDI) from emerging markets has grown from negligible amounts in the early 1980s to $210 billion in 2007, with the stock of investment now being well over $1 trillion. This reflects the rise of firms from these economies to become important players in the world FDI market. The contributors to this book comprehensively analyze the rise of emerging market TNCs, the salient features of the transnational activities of these firms, the relationship of outward FDI and the competitiveness of the firms involved, their impact on host and home countries and implications for the international law and policy system.


Emerson de Almeida, David M. Schizer and Yiping Zhou

Subjects: business and management, international business


Emerson de Almeida, David M. Schizer and Yiping Zhou The First Columbia International Investment Conference, held at Columbia University, US, on 24–25 October 2006, focused on a topic that is receiving increasing attention in the media and academic circles, as well as from policy makers: The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets: Threat or Opportunity? Fittingly, it was organized by three institutions, each of which has a special interest in this new phenomenon and a core competency that bears on one of its vital aspects: ● ● ● The Columbia Program on International Investment, a joint undertaking of Columbia Law School and The Earth Institute at Columbia University. It follows closely the growth of transnational corporations (TNCs) from emerging markets and the foreign direct investment (FDI) they undertake, with a view to examining its policy, legal and economic development, and academic curriculum implications. This is part of the mission of the Columbia Law School and The Earth Institute: to address, through intellectual discourse, cutting-edge global developments. Fundação Dom Cabral, a leading business school in Brazil, one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), which are the ones that attract most attention when it comes to outward FDI from emerging markets. It develops corporate executives to face the challenges of today’s world. Increasingly, this entails preparing these executives for venturing out of their home country not only through trade but also through FDI, and for managing integrated international production networks on a regional or global basis. The Special Unit for...