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The Political Economy of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries

The Political Economy of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries

TRIPS, Public Health Systems and Free Access

Edited by Benjamin Coriat

The book is based on original data and field studies from Brazil, Thailand, India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Focusing on the issue of universal and free access to treatment (a goal now taken to heart by the international community), it assesses the progress made and presents a rigorous diagnosis of the obstacles that remain, especially the constraints imposed by TRIPS and the poor state of most public health systems in Southern countries. In so doing, the book renews our understanding of the political economy of HIV/AIDS in these vast regions, where it continues to spread with devastating social and economic consequences.


Jean François Delfraissy

Subjects: development studies, development economics, law and development, economics and finance, development economics, health policy and economics, international economics, political economy, law - academic, law and development, politics and public policy, political economy, social policy and sociology, health policy and economics


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