Winning Strategies for the 21st Century

Edited by Saïd Yami, Sandro Castaldo and Giovanni Battista Dagnino

As an original strategic management perspective, coopetition has hitherto been underexploited in analysing contemporary firm strategies and behaviours and, more generally, managerial practices and processes. This innovative book provides both theoretical insights and empirical evidence on coopetition.


Saïd Yami, Sandro Castaldo, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Wojciech Czakon and Frederic Le Roy

Subjects: business and management, strategic management


– coopetition strategies: towards a new form of inter-organizational dynamics? Saïd Yami, Sandro Castaldo, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Frédéric Le Roy and Wojciech Czakon INTRODUCTION Is coopetition just another fashionable concept or a true revolution in strategic thinking? This question reveals its true meaning when considered respectively from the viewpoints of competition theory (Smith et al., 1992) and cooperation theory (Dyer and Singh, 1998). There is therefore a strong temptation to make it a simple extension of either competition theory or cooperation theory. With regard to the former, coopetition could become part of the ‘competitive paradigm’ if cooperation between firms is considered as ‘competitive maneuvering’ or ‘cooperative maneuvering’, which can both provide a competitive advantage (Fjeldstad et al., 2004). With regard to the latter approach, coopetition is just another type of cooperation. As such, coopetition research can draw extensively on alliances theory. Concepts such as trust, opportunism and commitment, which are crucial in dyadic cooperative relationships, are likewise applicable to coopetitive relationships. The aim of this book is to contribute to the discussion and argue that coopetition is neither an extension of competition theory nor an extension of cooperative theory. It is in fact a specific distinctive research object, which calls for dedicated theoretical investigation to develop specific questions for theory, method and managerial practice. This theoretical investigation is still at an early stage, but nonetheless seems promising as a novel approach to intra- and inter-organizational relationship studies. 1 2 Coopetition 1. COOPETITION: A NEW STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE Since its...