Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

New Challenges for Poverty Reduction

Edited by M. A. Mohamed Salih

This unique book provides cutting-edge knowledge and analyses of the consequences that climate change will have for sustainable development and poverty reduction within the context of global development.


Louk Box

Subjects: environment, climate change


How do we make the climate change? We now know so much about climate change that even the staunchest sceptics have had to acknowledge that it does change; that the change is in all likelihood largely manmade and that the changes move faster than foreseen. Yet how did the climate change about climate-change? How did those who warned about the dangers of climate change convince public opinion that this needed to be a prime concern? How did political parties respond to the need for setting public priorities differently? How did religious leaders come to include the notion in their moral set of values? How did intellectuals convince academics that their research priorities needed urgent review? How did academics convince the upcoming generation that sustainable development was more than just another fad, particularly since it concerned that very same generation’s life chances? Hans Opschoor’s professional life touches each of the foregoing questions, from his doctoral dissertation on The Economic Valuation of Environmental Pollution (Amsterdam, 1971) until the granting of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in which he participated (Oslo, 2007). After 1987, Opschoor was committed to applying economic analysis to environmental issues in the context of sustainable development; first and foremost as an academic, but as I will argue, just as much as a committed social democrat working in the Dutch Labour party to change political priorities. Opschoor is also the concerned (post-) Christian ecumenicalist, contributing to the reformulation of moral priorities. He is...