Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

New Challenges for Poverty Reduction

Edited by M. A. Mohamed Salih

This unique book provides cutting-edge knowledge and analyses of the consequences that climate change will have for sustainable development and poverty reduction within the context of global development.


M.A. Mohamed Salih

Subjects: environment, climate change


M.A. Mohamed Salih Progress towards sustainable development has been agonizingly slow, raising questions as to whether the struggle for sustainability of the environment and its life support capacity are destined to be lost.1 Ominously, negative environmental trends have not reversed in any satisfactory manner and in some cases the trends are worsening rather than improving. Climate change typifies these growing negative trends owing to its integrative nature and the intractable problems it is most likely to generate without adoption of prudent adaptation and mitigation measures. In this respect, the evidence available suggests that climate change is contrived to pose formidable challenges to two mutually reinforcing global agendas: sustainable development and poverty reduction. Obviously, climate change impacts would have discernable consequences for states and people’s ability to pursue long term environmentally sustainable development, including the quest for social justice and equity among and between generations. Several publications also reveal that climate change is most likely to make the poor poorer and the more vulnerable less capable of coping with the consequences of environmental degradation. Should bleak scenarios of rising global temperatures beyond tolerable capacities occur, the poor will become less capable of pursuing long term sustainable livelihood strategies in favour of immediate short term survival tactics, thus jeopardizing sustainable development. Likewise an increase in energy consumption for industry, residential areas and the transport sector will be significant as population, urbanization and industrialization grow in both the advanced industrial and the developing countries. Moreover it is likely that climate change will influence...