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Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship

Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship

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Edited by Rolf Wüstenhagen and Robert Wuebker

This timely Handbook provides an excellent overview of our knowledge on the drivers, influencing factors and outcomes of energy entrepreneurship. As the world grapples with global resource crunches and fights to reap the rewards of new energy technologies, a wide space for entrepreneurial opportunity has emerged. The Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship offers critical insight on how nations the world over can make full use of those opportunities.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Energy Entrepreneurship Research

Rolf Wüstenhagen and Robert Wuebker

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, organisational innovation, innovation and technology, organisational innovation, technology and ict


Rolf Wüstenhagen and Robert Wuebker 1 INTRODUCTION Why an entire volume on energy entrepreneurship research? Who stands to benefit from this collision? What theoretical insights can entrepreneurship scholars gain from conducting research in this particular context? How will the energy community benefit? These are the questions we asked ourselves before starting this project. Curiously, our ‘answers’ to these questions – and thus our ‘rationale’ for this volume – has evolved substantially over the course of its development. Today, we believe – based in part on our discussions about whether to take on this project, and in part as a result of the experience of reviewing submissions, editing accepted chapters, and discussing the emerging domain at the authors’ retreat that we hosted – that we have better answers to these questions today than we had when we began. Our introduction, therefore, is an attempt not only to set the stage and to make a case for the inclusion of this volume into the entrepreneurship canon, but also to share with you how we got to where we are. Apart from the obvious intellectual fascination of exploring a new domain of academic research, we believe that readers will also share the contributing authors’ excitement for energy entrepreneurship as a topical and extremely relevant research context. The rich menu of research questions that have been examined in this volume provides ample evidence that the world is in the midst of a major energy transition that some observers call the ‘next industrial revolution’. The energy opportunity space...