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Handbook of Research on International Advertising

Handbook of Research on International Advertising

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Shintaro Okazaki

The Handbook of Research on International Advertising presents the latest thinking, experiences and results in a wide variety of areas in international advertising. It incorporates those visions and insights into areas that have seldom been touched in prior international advertising research, such as research in digital media, retrospective research, cultural psychology, and innovative methodologies.


Douglas West

Subjects: business and management, international business, marketing


Shintaro Okazaki’s Handbook of Research in International Advertising is an anthology of 23 chapters by top scholars from around the world. The authors are internationally renowned from the fields of marketing, advertising, psychology and communication. The book provides their collective research insights and wisdom on international advertising on a range of topics from gender to branding, from data collection to IMC, and from cognitive psychology to Russian advertising. Reflections are provided on the leading research themes within international advertising and the book manages to successfully balance the impact of digital and traditional media in relation to current and future theory and practice. Several new cultural paradigms are introduced and, while some of these are well known in the management literature, such as GLOBE, many have not previously been formulated as bases for cross-cultural advertising. Furthermore, the book refreshes and updates our views of the variables that have traditionally been explored in international advertising such as agency, consumer socialization, gender and issues of trust. For scholars, the Handbook gives useful and practical tips for conducting international advertising research by drawing our attention to a variety of methodological issues including, amongst others, sampling, partial least square, and cultural equivalence. This multifaceted collection provides sharp insights for both expert and novice international advertising researchers. Dr Okazaki has provided us with a first-class reference for international advertising students and scholars as well as people with a broad interest in this intriguing field of study. Douglas West Executive Editor, Journal of Advertising Research Professor of...