A Global Approach to Public Interest Disclosure

A Global Approach to Public Interest Disclosure

What Can We Learn from Existing Whistleblowing Legislation and Research?

Edited by David B. Lewis

This timely and important book assesses the impact of legislation on public interest disclosures internationally, as well as setting an agenda for future research on whistleblowing.

Chapter 1: Introduction

David B. Lewis

Subjects: business and management, human resource management


Professor David B. Lewis This book is based on the papers presented and the issues discussed at a two-day international conference on whistleblowing organized by and held at Middlesex University, London on 18 and 19 June 2009. As the title ‘Ten years of public interest disclosure legislation in the UK: what can we learn from experiences at home and abroad?’ suggests, this event was planned to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the UK’s Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA 1998) coming into force.1 The conference attracted speakers and delegates from 11 countries and the debates that ensued have helped to shape the contents of this book. However, in order to ensure that the work is of relevance to the widest possible audience, not all the conference papers have been converted into chapters. In particular, the editor has tried to ensure a balance between inputs based on the law and other disciplines and to avoid placing undue attention on the situation in the UK. Although the authors have written in the light of their experiences of whistleblowing laws and/or research in particular locations, they have attempted to generalize their conclusions and recommendations. It is therefore hoped that the end product will be of value internationally to scholars and practitioners who are interested in discussing the principles upon which whistleblowing legislation might be based and the areas in which future research might be conducted. In Chapter 2, His Honour Judge McMullen assesses the impact of PIDA 1998 during its first...