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Handbook of Research on Born Globals

Handbook of Research on Born Globals

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

Edited by Mika Gabrielsson and V. H. Manek Kirpalani

This impressive Handbook provides a dynamic perspective on the development of successful born global firms, including evolutionary phases and pathways of growth, emergence of entire born global industries, role of founders’ linkages, experience, culture and training, as well as collaboration with large MNEs.


Torben Pedersen

Subjects: business and management, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing


I am delighted to have been asked to write the Foreword for this Handbook of Research on Born Globals. ‘Born Globals’ in the sense of firms that internationalize at a much faster pace than other firms have always existed. However, increased globalization in recent decades with much more cross-border interaction has created better conditions and even more stimuli for faster internationalization. Accordingly we are seeing more and more firms that are born with a global mindset and start internationalization right from their inception. The research on born globals can be traced back to the seminal article by Oviatt and McDougall, ‘Toward a theory of international new ventures’ (1994), where they conceptualized the phenomenon and developed a theoretical foundation for understanding the uniqueness of born globals. Since then we have seen a cottage industry of research on born globals that includes many different definitions, operationalizations, and conclusions. It is time to take stock of this immense literature and reflect on what kind of insights we have gained through the study of born globals, which is precisely the aim of this Handbook. The Handbook will fill a gap in the literature. I was very pleased to read it as the editors have succeeded in putting together a volume that presents born global research at its best and demonstrates, if not all, then most dimensions of such research. The volume comprises many chapters that have increased my level of understanding of born globals. The editors and authors are to be commended for an...