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Competition Law and Economics

Competition Law and Economics

Advances in Competition Policy Enforcement in the EU and North America

Edited by Abel M. Mateus and Teresa Moreira

Competition policy is at a crossroads on both sides of the Atlantic. In this insightful book, judges, enforcers and academics in law and economics look at the consensus built so far and clarify controversies surrounding the issue.


Abel M. Mateus

Subjects: economics and finance, competition policy, law and economics, law - academic, competition and antitrust law, law and economics


Abel M. Mateus The Second Lisbon Conference on Competition and Economics, held in Lisbon on 15 and 16 November 2007, was intended as a forum to debate current issues related to Competition Law and Economics, where leading experts from Europe and North America were invited to address the following current issues: (i) the role of public versus private enforcement of competition and its benefits and costs in the US and EU. How to make more effective the control of administrative decisions by competition authorities? (ii) The specific economic problems posed by merger control in regulated sectors, and in particular in energy and telecommunications. (iii) The results of the modernization package in the US. (iv) The outcome of the extensive discussions about Section 2 in the US and Article 82 in the EU. What are the intrinsic differences in the law on monopolization and attempts to monopolize and dominant position, and what does the caselaw teach us? Contrasting US and EU views. (v) The doctrine of national champions and competition policy. What role has industrial policy played on both sides of the Atlantic? and (vi) the EU’s new approach to state aid: a report card. President Cavaco Silva, after recognizing the importance of competition policy in a modern economy and its increasing role in building the single market, stresses the need for independent and competent competition authorities. Pointing out the need for clear rules and strong institutions that apply the laws in a credible and speedy process, he stresses the requirement...