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The Internationalisation of Law

The Internationalisation of Law

Legislating, Decision-Making, Practice and Education

Edited by Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem

This insightful book explores the acute challenges presented by the ‘internationalisation’ of law, a trend that has been accelerated by the growing requirement for academics and practitioners to work and research across countries and regions with differing legal traditions.


Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem


Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem This book is the edited proceedings of a Symposium on the Internationalisation of Law held at the Faculty of Law, Bond University from 26 to 27 June 2009. The Symposium was the principal academic celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the first classes of the Law Faculty, which were in May 1989. The subject of the Symposium was settled after wide consultation amongst the faculty. Internationalisation of law reflects the philosophy and experience of the faculty over the last two decades: it is also an exploration of what lies ahead in making law, resolving disputes, researching the law, and teaching and studying it. The participants all have a link with the Law Faculty and with its academic staff. The two days of discussion were an experience which drew together those who contributed papers, those who chaired panels, and those who attended and participated in the discussions. As editors, we must thank those participants who gave the gift of their time and work, whether they be authors, panellists, or discussants. As editors, we have tried to draw this discussion into our final chapter, our Epilogue. Coinciding with the Symposium was the annual Sir Gerard Brennan Lecture, given in 2009 by the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, the Honourable Robert French, CJ who was invited to address a topic within its scope. The Chief Justice directed his paper to the use of international case law in the High Court, and has kindly agreed...